Welcome to my site! You may be wondering why 1525?

This was a tumultuous year in Europe and particularly in Germany. The Reformation was in full swing and the struggle for dominance in Europe culminated in the Italian Wars. On German soil the peasants rose up to change the social order and were crushed by the forces of the Swabian League and the Elector Princes in the so-called Peasants’ War. It was a time of great cultural upheaval marked by radical changes in costume and culture which manifested themselves in the garish clothing the Landsknecht mercenaries who had been victorious at the Battle of Pavia and who now had to return to quash their brethren who had dared to challenge the existing order.  I have dedicated this website to recreating this snapshot in time in miniature and in word. I hope you find it informative and that it will inspire you to model, wargame, and research  in this area.

Attack on a wagonfort