New price list 2019

In the shop you will find an extensive range of figures in 1:45 (40mm) scale. They are arranged in the following sets. Click on each title below to go to a page illustrating the figures. Figures can be ordered individually.

As sets are released images will be uploaded but check out the workbench. 

S1. Peasants plundering a monastery (8 figures)

S2. A Peasant squad (12 Figures).

S3. Landsknechts attacking. (8 Figures)

S4. Peasant/Landsknecht gunteams (10  figures/2 light field pieces and accessories)

S5. Peasant Command Group – piper, standard bearer and drummer and cleric. (5 Figures)

S6. Landsknecht supreme commander with mounted standard bearer and knight. (3 mounted figures)

S.7. Civilians (burghers and peasants 10 figures)

S. 8. Peasants marching (10 Foot Figures , 1 mounted)

S. 9. Landsknecht Squad (8 figures – can be enhanced with guards from S14)

S. 10. Landsknecht scouting group

S. 11. Limber set (for use with F38 Falconet and F39 culverin (set 4))

S. 12. Personalities and Staff (5 figures)

S. 13. Landsknechts marching

S 14. Blood Court: Execution Scene