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This is an early diorama I built (paintwork by Pete Watson and Mick Burgin) . Some of the figures have been either replaced and/or improved and a couple of new ones added and are now available as Set 1: See the shop pages


Bauernzug web
Muentzer’s troop: in May 1525 the radical cleric left Muehlhausen with 300 armed rebels to join with the rebel band at Frankenhausen.  Model is on display in the Peasants War Museum in Muehlhausen. Model: Doug Miller, figure artwork : Pete Smith
Bundschuh web
Peasant with Bundschuh- symbol of the movement to change German society (Figure artwork Doug Miller/Slobodan Dragas.


dagersheim camp web
Scene from the artillery camp model entitled ‘Dagersheim’ on show at the Peasants’ War Museum in Boeblingen. Models and base: Doug Miller; Figure artwork Mick Burgin.


Peter Gais throws the false weights into the river at Beutelsbach – a stunt which led to the Poor Conrad uprising in 1514. A model in 1:25 scale at the Peasants War Museum in Beutelsbach/Weinstadt. Figure sculpts and bridge: Doug  Miller; Artwork: Pete Watson.
Execution of Poor Conrad leaders August 1514 at Schorndorf. Models: Doug  Miller; backdrop: Geoff Laws; figure artwork: Mick Burgin
Figure 2. Peasant festival
Woodcut inspration for the roadside inn in the Hilzingen model  featured in Military Modelling January 2016 Issue Model is on display at the Museum im Schlosspark , Hilzingen, Germany. Models: Doug Miller
Figure artwork: Mick Burgin
Landsknecht prototypes web
Early Landsknecht prototypes for series figures (See shop) Artwork: Mick Burgin
web version
Iconoclasm at the Church of St. Mary , Muehlhausen. Museum Lindenbuehl Muehlhausen. Artwork, North East Collective.


ches set web 2
Selected peasant figures from the Chess set at the Peasants War Museum Muehlhausen.
web backline patricians
Patrician figures Chess Set V. 2
Blutrinne front detail small -
The slaughter of the rebels in the ‘Blutrinne’, Model on show in the Regional Museum, Bad Frankenhausen, artwork Doug Miller/Slobodan Dragas.