Wargaming 1525 in other scales

For those of you who prefer to stay in 1:72 and 28mm scales can I suggest the following

In 1.72 scale Zvezda have released a box of peasants mainly in fighting poses. Germania Figuren/Nikolai have a small range of standing peasants and a hay wagon. Kings figurines have produced an excellent command group of Landsknechts (modeller Alexandr Gussev) . These are resin so need careful handling.

Less impressive are the soft plastic Landsknecht pikemen and mounted men at arms figures made by Orion/Dark Dream Studios have produced a very acceptable set of pikemen and mounted men at arms in this scale. Fredericus Rex which also has an excellent range of buildings, weapons and accessories in this scale.  Also worth checking out from this website is Valdemar -VA167 “Hunter” 1:72 which can pass for a group of marching peasants.

In 28mm first port of call has to be the work of the Perry twins both for Wargames Foundry and then their own plastic range of European mercenaries, Wars of the Roses and mounted knights. There may be some scope for converting the boxed set of Sudanese tribesmen into peasants but some of the above will be useful base figures for these too.

Other manufacturers of particular note for the period and for peasants are Pro Gloria (now owned by Warlord Games) who have released a box of plastic Landsknechts. Not to forget SteelFist who produce an excellent range of Landsknechts

The Bruegelberg range by Lead Adventure is an over the top fantasy take on the society of the day but in amongst the range are some very useful pieces – two wagons and barrels. There is also Artizan Designs which offers regiment deals and has some light artillery pieces, Old Glory and the Assault Group, although these figures are later than the period in question.

Apologies to any manufacturers I have omitted!